afilm Presents "Nature's Elusive Beauty" in Barcelona, Spain


Full moon and rocks. Photographed with afilm in Sitges, Spain at f/16, 20 seconds, ISO 100. 8-15mm f/4L FISHEYE USM at 14mm, Canon 5D mark II. The 20 second exposure was used to create the softness in the waves on the rocks. afilm presents Canon USA Explorer of Light photographer Jennifer Wu’s lecture “Nature’s Elusive Beauty- Composition for Nature and Landscape Photography”, Sitges (Barcelona), Spain. This inspiring and entertaining presentation is a must see for any one interested in nature and landscape photography. Jennifer will teach you the elements of photographic composition and share her techniques to get those great shots. She will discus five elements of composition. Learn about selecting specific lenses and how each lens makes visual impact. Discover how creating depth in an image creates visual interest and how isolating the subject will make a striking image. Jennifer will take you on a visual journey through the natural world and cover tips for nature photography. In addition she will share a some night sky timelapse photography and will conclude images of the stars and beautiful night sky.


Presentation: Nature's Elusive Beauty
Nature and Landscape Photography Composition
Date:  Friday, January 11, 2013. 
Time: 11:00 am to 1:30 pm (2.5 hours)
Location: afilm, Calle Victor Balaguer 20-22 Esc. 2 Bj. 1
08870 Sitges (Barcelona) Spain
Cost: 50 euros
Contact afilm Phone number: (+34) 938 947 167
Email: info@afilm.eswebsite link Jennifer speaking at afilm.