My Favorite Photography Resources

Photography Resources

Here are some of my favorite apps, sun and moon information, space weather and more! 

I hope you find this useful! 

Happy Star Trails, 



Sun and Moon

Apps: Sun Seeker, Sky Safari, LightTrac, Photographer’s Ephemeris, LightTrac, Clinometer

Sunrise and Sunset Times: or

Golden Hour:

The Photographer's Ephemeris as an app or computer:  

Date Services:

The Old Farmer's Almanac - Click on Sun or Phases of the Moon:



7 Timer: and click on Cloud Cover:

Clear Sky Chart:

Space Weather:



App: Aurora Forecast


Aurora Forecast:

Astronomy North:

Spaceweather solar flare activity:

Ovation Auroral Forcast NOAA:


Eclipses & Space & Moonbows:

Astronomy Picture of the Day 


Yosemite Moonbow:


Camera Operations

Canon Digital Learning Center: 

Crop Sensor Calculator: 


Dark Skies:

Light Pollution Photographs: 

International Dark-Sky Association IDA: 


Stars and Milky Way

Starry Nights is what I use and showed in class:   

Apps: Star Walk II- I showed this in class, Heavens Above, PhotoPills, Sky Guide: View Stars Night or Day

Free software for viewing the location of the stars for both windows and Mac. 




Apps: Meteor Shower Calendar


Star Trail Stacking Software

Startails free software: take a dark frame with the same exposure, put lens cap on the camera, and it can use that to reduce noise.

StarStaX free software  


Long Exposure Calculator Apps: there are a number of free apps, as well as others for a fee. PhotoPills


Depth of Field Calculator and app

PhotoPills App


Focus Stacking Software:

Helicon Focus: Can use RAW files and saves as DNG file. 

Zerene Systems: Very precise with macro fine details. 


Check Out the Book

Photography Night Sky: A Field Guide for Shooting After Dark.

Print edition and  Kindle or More Info