Night Sky Photograph Book!

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Announcing a new book:  Photography Night Sky: A field Guide for Shooting After Dark I am so excited, I am just on the finishing details of my first book on photographing the Night Sky! I recently sent off revisions to the publisher. It will be both an ebook and print book and out next year. This one shot in Death Valley. Stay tuned...

Update: The publisher says it will be in stores around mid March 2014, Photography Night Sky, A Field Guide for Shooting After Dark.

Now Available: Print Edition

Now Available: Kindle Edition


Badwater Star Tails, Death Valley, CA. Two exposures combined, one for focused on the foreground at f/3.5, 30 seconds, ISO 3200 and then leaving the camera in place a second exposure focused on the stars at f/5.6, for 2 hours 8 minutes, ISO 100. Both images 16-35mm II set to 16mm, Canon EOS-1D X.